New Roots Membership

New Roots is a community of people who believe that God wants a much better world than the one we have now. We believe that Jesus came to the world to radically transform it and we too are called to embrace and live out radical transformation. We believe that a better world is not achieved simply by individuals, but by communities of folks who chose to walk and build together, learning from each other and sharing their gifts to make something possible that none of them can do alone. We believe deeply in the importance of spiritual practice, but we don’t see church only as a place for individuals to develop spiritual practice. We are a community of practice that believes God is calling us to walk together to achieve a shared purpose in the world.

If I am already an active participant in the New Roots community, why would I become a member?
New Roots gatherings will always be open to people looking for a place to connect with God and meet other people. Folks are welcome to engage in that without committing to be a member. Membership is specifically for people who feel called to journey with other folks to build what our congregation is called to do and be in the world. Members agree to be intentional about their own spiritual growth so that they can contribute to the larger work of New Roots. Membership is not necessary for folks who just want to show up, instead it is for those who feel led to shape this community. People who decide to become members do so because they know that God is calling them to contribute their gifts, their time and their financial resources to build this community.

Membership at New Roots happens annually. This means that every year, each person in the community is invited into a discernment process around what God is calling forth in a membership commitment - regardless of membership status the previous year.

Click here to explore the community values that membership commit to at New Roots.

Interested in becoming a member?
If God is calling you to formally join the New Roots community through membership, please email to schedule a conversation with a member of the community or a pastor/minister.