Small Groups

Small Groups 2023  

Each Small Group at New Roots provides an opportunity for authentic relationship building, deepened spiritual practice, and space to experiment with Jubilee in tangible ways, while being held in community.

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The Jubilee Theme Small Group options this year are:

  • The RESIST/Jubilee House small group will meet bi-weekly [2x per month] via Zoom. The RESIST/Jubilee House will anchor the emergence of Jubilee House by holding firm to the vision of Jubilee House while attending to the logistics and decisions that need to be made along the way. The RESIST/Jubilee House small group will resist the systems and structures that emphasize toxic individualism, gentrification and displacement, and astronomical rents through restorative relationship building, spiritual practice, affordable rent, healing relationship with the land, etc. If you are called to help shepherd Jubilee House into existence, even if you are not called to live in the physical house, this group is for you. If you do feel called to live in Jubilee House, or Spirit is stirring up curiosity in you - this group is definitely for you.
    Meeting Format: via Zoom
    Meeting Frequency: Bi-Weekly, 2x per month
    Supporting Texts: How We Show Up by Mia Birdsong

RESTORE: Relational Healing  
  • The RESTORE/Relation Healing small group will meet bi-weekly [2x per month] in-person and/or virtually utilizing a hybrid format. The RESTORE/Relational Healing small group will take seriously the notion that relationship and connection are foundational to Jubilee. This group will be centered around intentionally deepening relationships within the small group. Along the way, there will be prompts and exercises that create space and encouragement for deepening relationships and transforming our connections with each other. If you feel called to deepen your capacity for meaningful connections, this group is for you!
    Meeting Format: Hybrid
    Meeting Frequency: Bi-Weekly, 2x per month
    Supporting Text: All About Love by Bell Hooks